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Contract Support and Transaction Management

About Transaction Management

"Since 1989 I've Been in the Business of Selling Southern California Multifamily Investments, There is no Such Thing as a "Curve Ball" With Me and My Team. We Can Navigate Any Transaction With Ease".

Experience counts!

We have extensive experience on both sides of the transaction for standard equity sales, short sales, bank-owned properties, investor flips, probate sales and more. Our experience ensures our clients enjoy industry-leading representation.

Contract Support is our specialty. Extensive legal resources including an in-house real estate attorney and thousands of contracts signed to ensure you are in good hands. We maintain a knowledgeable team through experience and continuing education. The large volume of transactions span all types of sales and our extensive experience is your best bet for a smooth transaction with no surprises. The contracts can be an intimidating component of every transaction.

Mike Lembeck Contract Support and Transaction Management

You need a team that is both experienced and well educated to provide you with the proper interpretations and representation. It is essential to not only understand the content of each contract but also which contracts to use. Far too often, we see situations where "optional" documents are omitted even though they may better protect and therefore better represent their clients.

Additionally, inexperienced buyers agents may include uncommon documents and language and it is imperative that your listing agent has a depth of understanding to make informed recommendations to the client. We take great pride in our superior negotiating and contract management skills. We provide our clients with the best representation in the industry. In addition, our team is recognized as experts in the business. This leads to more agents wanting to deal with our team, and more offers for our clients.

Transaction Management is one of the most overlooked components of the real estate transaction. Our expert team will ensure peace of mind throughout the process. Our team has expert level experience with the transaction process and maintains multiple team members to handle in-house transaction management. The primary Transaction Coordinator will provide our clients with value-added service to minimize all possible delays in closing escrow.

The entire escrow process can be very time consuming, hectic and even stressful for all parties involved. Our listing clients can rest assured that they have a highly capable team available at their fingertips and all looking out for their best interests.

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