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Sell and Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax

Sell and avoid paying capital gains tax using the following solutions:

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Mike Lembeck

President RE/MAX Multifamily Sales Division

Kelly McConnell

Title Representative

Carmen Martinez

Escrow Officer

West-Guard Termite


Contract Support

Transaction Coordinator

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Can't Find The Multifamily Investment You're Looking For?

Our Exclusive Buyer Profile System saves you time and money. Simply tell us what you're looking for and get priority access to ALL Southern California multifamily apartment buildings that match your criteria, including Off Market Listings, Bank Foreclosures, Company Owned Properties and other Distress Sales. No more wasted time looking at out-dated information or searching the internet. Priority access means you're there first before other buyers, so you can negotiate the lowest possible price and your time is not wasted viewing properties that don't interest you. Click the link below to go to the form to submit your request.

Contract Support and Transaction Management

Since 1989 I’ve been in the business of selling Southern California multifamily investments, there is no such thing as a “curveball” with me and my team.

We can navigate any transaction with ease.

Experience Counts!

We have extensive experience on both sides of the transaction for standard equity sales, short sales, bank owned properties, investor flips, probate sales and more. Our experience ensures our clients enjoy industry leading representation.

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20 September 2023

Amid Market Plunge, Realtors Forecast Rising Prices, Sales In 2024

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20 September 2023

California Homebuying Pace Plunges 32% To A Record Low

This breaks the previous low set in the middle of the Great Recession in April 2008. Soaring mortgage rates have iced California homebuying to a record low. Look at what my trusty spreadsheet found ...

20 September 2023

Has 2023 Really Been That Bad for CRE?

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