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Customer Service Ranks High in Prospective Clients Lists

Reference Articles Customer Service Ranks High in Prospective Clients Lists

Customer service complaints are all too common—even in housing. According to the latest American Housing Survey about one-third of apartment renters surveyed indicated they were either partially satisfied to dissatisfied with the quality of their building’s maintenance. Dealing with repairs is the last thing most tenants are hoping for in a rental.

Customer Service Ranks High on Prospective Client's Lists -

So how can you gauge future customer service, including taking care of repairs and maintenance. Landscaping is a good start, so are outside fire extinguishers and lights. If the outside is in bad shape, the inside may not be much better.

Additionally, inexperienced buyers agents may include uncommon documents and language and it is imperative that your listing agent has a depth of understanding to make informed recommendations to the client. We take great pride in our superior negotiating and contract management skills. We provide our clients with the best representation in the industry. In addition our team is recognized as experts in the business. This leads to more agents wanting to deal with our team, and more offers for our clients.

Other tips include:


When first calling about a vacancy, is the person handling the vacancy easy to reach? Is a cell phone or pager given out to tenants? If leaving a message is the only alternative, are calls returned promptly?

Hours of Operation:

Some tenants prefer management be available for their convenience; others are flexible. Knowing when they can reach a manager or owner is helpful when deciding if the place is right for their needs.

Emergency Policy:

For example, if a tenant come home to a flooded place, who calls the plumber at 2 a.m.? If the owner or management cannot be reached, may they call anyone in an emergency and deduct it from the rent?

Who’s the boss?:

Is the property managed by the owner, an on-site manager or an off-site management company? Do you have direct access to the source of funds and decisions when there’s a request or problem? For example, if the tenant wants to negotiate an upgraded carpet, can you give the green light directly? If the tenant has to request via a management company, will they have to yield to another source?

Hired Help:

Some tenants prefer a place that uses professional repair people, especially for appliances and plumbing. Repairs are often a source of conflict—not just who does the repair—but who broke the item in question and who pays for it to be repaired.

House Rules:

In addition to a lease, you may have added rules. Sometimes called “obligations of a resident,” these rules and regulations might address everything from the allowable times music can be played to disallowing rugs draped over the balcony. Is car washing prohibited? Is there a fee for overnight guests?