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Our Services

About Services

Our commitment is to provide our clients with the best research, market data, advisory and transaction services available.

We provide specialized knowledge to help provide a hassle free transaction from start to finish. Myself and my team have the experience to push the deal through any obstacle that may occur.

I pride myself on providing superior executive level service to all my clients. I want you to know I am here for you in every step of the transaction. My services go beyond the close of escrow. Once escrow closes I make sure the final details are taken care of so the transfer of the property is a smooth transition from the seller to the buyer.


  • Thorough Contact Review and Support
  • Efficient and Detailed Transaction Management and Escrow Follow-up
  • Properties Marketed and Sold at the Highest Prices and Best Terms
  • Easy Exit Listing Agreement
  • Prompt Follow-up to All Questions and Concerns
  • Phone or E Mail Availability 24/7

We Know What Investors Want Most Is To Consistently Buy Multifamily Assets That Fit Their Objectives. We Get It.

Investors get frustrated and discouraged at times when they can’t get the right price, or terms, or location.

Investors want to keep the confidence of their partners, other investors, employees, and vendors by transacting often.

Investors get frustrated when sellers' pricing doesn't make sense even though sellers are often buyers themselves using the same valuation guidelines.

The challenge isn't finding assets, the challenge is finding sellers at the right time in their specific property’s life cycle.

What we do is listen extensively to your acquisition criteria, input your criteria into our unique procurement system, match specific assets with those criteria, and help you acquire those assets whether they are actively for sale or not. Then, when appropriate, we advise and assist in selling the asset for maximized returns.

We've helped investors achieve a sale price that on average, resulted in a 20% per year increase in value and a 1.50 multiple of their purchase price from the time they acquired the asset.

Why Investors transact with us

What Investors Gain

Placed equity earns a higher return when invested in performing multifamily assets

Employees, partners and investors gain confidence in their ability to deliver returns

Personal wealth and company profits increase when consistent healthy transacting is occuring

Better economies of scale are acheived in management and other resources when the number of units increases

The more they transact, the more deals they see from other brokers, investors and referrals

What Investors Lose

Unplaced equity earns minimal interest and slow company growth

Employees leave, partners part ways, and investors put their money elsewhere when transacting slows

Personal wealth and company profits stagnate if one doesn't have an offensive plan to buy

Operating costs remain higher than competitors when they spread their costs over fewer properties

When transacting slows, they become forgotten and left out of the opportunities cycle.

Our Services

Complimentary Appraisal -

Complimentary Appraisal

Complete and thorough analysis of your property to determine the highest list price possible.

Income and Expense Analysis -

Income and Expense Analysis

Detailed analysis of a properties income and expenses – both current and projected.

Investment Goals -

Investment Goals

Discuss buyers and sellers investment goals to help achieve the best outcome.

Extensive Marketing

The most extensive advertising and marketing of properties available.

Property Assessment

Curb appeal and interior assessment of property – for both sellers and buyers.

Qualify Offers

Qualification of buyer's and submitted offers on marketed listings.

Negotiation Skills

Strong and experienced negotiating assistance.

Loan Follow-up

Tracking of the buyer's loan process.

Vendor Coordination

Coordination with contactors and vendors involved in the transaction.

Professional Qualifications

Since 1989 I've been in the business of selling Southern California multifamily investments.

Buyer/Seller Recognition

Recognized as one of the top Southern California apartment brokers by both buyers and sellers.

Investment Counseling

Professional counseling to help you plan and meet your investment goals.

Services Provided From Pre-Listing To Close Of Escrow


  • Research "Average Days on Market" for this property type, price range and location
  • Prepare "Comparable Market Analysis" (CMA) to establish the fair market value
  • Present CMA results to the seller, including Sold and Expired Listings
  • Share Active Listings information
  •  Review current market and economic conditions to arrive at a marketing strategy
  • Discuss goals with seller to market the property effectively
  • Review results of Curb Appeal Assessment with seller and provide suggestions to improve the salability of the property

Before An Offer Is Accepted

  • Property Listed in Multiple Listing Services
  • Marketing Package
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • "Just Listed" letter
  • Your property listed on the Internet on multiple web sites
  • Mailouts to Buyers/Brokers
  • Phone Canvassing
  • Flyers at Investment Meeting (RIOAC)
  • Presentation to other Investment Brokerages
  • Discuss feedback from showing agents with seller
  • Review comparable MLS listings regularly to ensure property remains competitive in price, terms, condition and availability
  • Place regular update calls to seller to discuss marketing and pricing
  • Regular followup with prospective buyers
  • Screen for qualified buyers and protect the seller from curiosity seekers and "tire kickers"
  • Contact buyers' agents to review buyer's qualifications and discuss the offer
  • Confirm buyer is pre-qualified by calling buyer’s Loan Officer
  • Counsel seller on offers. Explain the merits and weakness of each component of each offer
  • Negotiating assistance

After An Offer Is Accepted

  • Set up and coordinate Buyer's Walk-Thru
  • Set up and coordinate Professional Inspections
  • Verify buyers deposit and signed escrow instructions are delivered to escrow
  • Meet with Appraiser and coordinate the appraisal process
  • Coordinate Pest Control inspection
  • Coordinate any repairs to be completed on the property
  • Assist seller with completion of Seller's Disclosure forms
  • Track the buyer’s loan process
  • Verify all rents and deposits are accurate at the time of escrow closing
  • Coordination with escrow
  • The Closing

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