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Reduce Expenses, Increase Income and Value

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Decrease Your Water Bills by 15-30% and Decrease Your Gas Bills by 10-20%

A leading IoT (Internet of Things) environmental monitoring company brings a new operational efficiency, increased Net Operating Income and water and energy conservation to owners and residents of multiunit communities and commercial properties through our Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) Platform. Our proprietary wireless Mesh network is specifically designed to power a vast network of sensors that monitor and report on a wide array of environmental conditions and building performance systems. Access to this vital data lowers costs, reduces risks, and provides new revenue opportunities for property owners.

Our flagship product sensors are a toilet leak detector that is easily installed between the flex fill line and the toilet tank, and a flood detection sensor that requires no wiring and attaches to the bottom of any wall. The installation is plugand-play and takes about 2 – 3 minutes per fixture, without requiring a plumber.

Our toilet leak detector features a patent-pending design that includes a sensor with a small embedded computer, radio board, and reed switch. Inside the sensor itself is a small magnet. When water flows into the toilet, the magnet is pushed up by the water pressure. It then closes the reed switch and counts time.

When the water stops, the magnet drops and the time packet is sent thru our wireless mesh network and up to the cloud servers for analysis via AI - enabled, machine learning algorithms. The data is aggregated over time, providing valuable usage and cost-saving insights to our clients.

The low-maintenance flood detection sensor is easily attached at the bottom of any wall and has a battery life that will last for years.

Once a flood or leak is detected, a text message alert is sent to the building manager to rescue water waste and prevent unnecessary water costs. Our easy-to-read dashboard provides comprehensive data and details with an emphasis on savings. The system also proactively emails a weekly summary reporting top water waste issues in order of priority across each client’s property portfolio. Using the EPA’s estimate that 20% of all toilets leak an average of 200 gallons a day, a 100-unit apartment building will save 180,000 gallons a month of potable water – realizing savings of $1,800/ month (using 1 cent a gallon, and major metro areas are double this price).

We have over 5,000 sensors already deployed, saving clients thousands of dollars against their monthly water bill and over 23 million of gallons of potable water to date.

Due to the cost of initial set up of the system, it is primarily practical for properties of 20+ units.

How it Works

Monitoring as a Service Platform -

CASE STUDY: 162-unit Multi-Family Apartments in Ohio

Owner was paying $21k+/mo for water before installing sensors in October 2018. Water bill dropped to $14k.

Monitoring as a Service Platform, CASE STUDY: 162-unit Multi-Family Apartments in Ohio -

Multifamily Water Heater Controller Program

What is the program?

• Provides for the no-cost installation of a temperature modulation controller on any central boiler or water heater serving 2 or more dwelling units

• Controller saves 10-20% off your water heating gas bill using simple control strategy

• Fast and easy installation, no hot water shut off is required

How does the water heater controller work?

• Controller automatically adjusts the water temperature based on hot water demand.

• During peak periods of hot water use, the temperature remains at its existing state

• During low/no periods of use (e.g. middle of the night) temperature resets to a lower temperature.

• Reduces water heater gas use by 10-20%

Installation Process

• Quick and easy: Takes less than an hour to install

• Does not require shutting off the hot water system (no tenant notifications need posting)

• Technician will also conduct a 16-point inspection of the water heater system and make necessary recommendations

• Project maybe selected for inspection by SoCal Gas

Multifamily Water Heater Controller Program -

Who Qualifies?

• Must be multifamily building with 2 or more units and central water heating.

• Must be customer or SoCal Gas

• That's it!

How to Enroll?

• Sign and return the program application along with the copy of your building's gas bill

• A program representative will contact you to schedule the installation.

Program Process Flow


Provide signed app and copy of gas bill

• Once approved, we will call to schedule install


Installation takes less than an hour and requires no hot water shut off

• Installer documents condition of system and will make other recommendations for you as needed


Follow up inspection by Gas Company to verify installation

• Only a portion of projects are selected for inspection. We will notify you if selected.

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