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How to Turn Slow-Sale Real Estate into Fast-Sale Real Estate

It’s not uncommon for a property owner listed with our company, RE/MAX Commercial - Apartment Sales Division, to put an apartment building on the market by auction that has been for sale for six months, a year or even longer and then to sell that apartment building in six-to-eight weeks irrespective of the price of the property.

The primary reasons for conducting attention-getting sale-by-auction marketing is to bring buyers to your property, to generate buying conversations with these buyers, and to create a sense of urgency to act. The sale-by-auction activity motivates buyers to take immediate action on a “buying interest” for fear of loss. They believe other buyers will respond to your value-buy sale-by-auction message the same way they have. It’s this unique set of circumstances that turns a slow-sale property into a fast-sale property.

The Purchaser Bidding Package

Flyers, Instructions and Bid Forms Are Emailed Out to Buyers

Buyers are given a purchaser bidding package which includes a sale-by-auction letter of explanation, a customized bid form and envelope for delivery of their confidential bid to the owner or owner's agent by a specified bidding cutoff date and time.

Target Marketing in Action

Put Our “Sale By Auction” Sign in Front of Your Property

Posting our sale by auction sign in front of your apartment building will bring local buyers and agents to your property in greater numbers than any other sign you could use.

The curiosity aroused by the value-buy message inherent to selling by auction compels buyers and agents to immediately inquire seeking information regarding your price and terms of sale, your property’s competitive market value, and appeal. Appeal, however, can only be discovered from within the property itself, because of that it is imperative to withhold most of the sale by auction value-buy information from buyers until they visit with the listing broker at the property.

Demand Attention to Create Demand

Buyers usually know ahead of the time they actually enter the market for an apartment building the community or locale within which they want to buy. Demand, therefore, for any single property, in any single city, on any single street, in any particular neighborhood is limited and cannot easily be created, but encountered over time as buyers come into the marketplace to buy when ready.

Traditional marketing is appropriately founded upon this reality: the local office works with local agents; each working with local sellers and local buyers as they answer ads, call on signs, drive by properties, or are derived through cooperating brokers. Because they are few and limited, the competition for buyers among local agents and sellers can be intense.

It is our goal with Sale By Auction marketing to create for your apartment building or listing “1st Choice” demand from among the usually limited number of buyers previewing apartment buildings within its locale. By piggybacking the value-buy aspects of our auction with our traditional sales and marketing activity, we can gain for you the benefit of more traffic and a faster sale.

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Sale By Auction Program


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