Are you tired of:

  •  Paying a commission to sell your property?
  • Having your property sit on the market for 30-60 days or more with no activity?
  • Doing multiple interior inspections with multiple buyers to find out if they want to move forward with the purchase?
  • Having buyers negotiate the final price with you from receipt of their initial offer and all the way until escrow closes?
     Trying to sell your property using out-dated and antiquated techniques and processes?
     Interviewing multiple real estate brokers to try and find the best one to represent you?
     Listing your property at a recommended sales price only to have to reduce the price in order to sell it?

Benefits of Our Program

  • More control of the sales process and timing of escrow closing
  • Multiple offers on your property and multiple buyers interested in buying your property
  • Creates buyer urgency to enable you to receive "Top Dollar" for your property
  • Allow buyers to be able to see the interior of your property prior to writing an offer without doing a walkthrough
  • Sells your property at the highest price, in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassles 
  • Sells your property to a pre-approved (not just pre-qualified) buyer who has already been pre-approved by our lender
  • Work with buyers who have already shown they have the down payment funds to close escrow
  • Work with cash buyers who have already shown they have the liquid funds to close escrow quickly
  • Sell your property as-is with no repairs
  • Experienced professionals handling all the marketing, promotion, paperwork and the auction event

Our Pre-Marketing Strategy

Our pre-marketing of your property consists of gathering and assembling all the information a buyer would need to analyze your property including:

Complete Offering Memorandum Package With 10 Year Financial Analysis

Individual Property Website

50-60 Interior/Exterior Photos

5-10 Drone Photos

Matterport 3-D Scan of One or More Unit Interiors

1-2 Minute Teaser Video of Property Interior/Exterior

Professional Property Inspection

Termite Report

Natural Hazard Disclosure Report

Title Report

Seller Transfer Disclosure

Sellers Property Disclosure

Map of Subject Property Location and Surrounding Area

Sold Comparables

Rent Comparables

Area Demographics

Complete Cash Flow Analysis

Itemized Expenses

Expected Cash Flow

Return on Initial Equity

Expected Gross Income Increase

Tax Benefits

Mortgage Principal Reduction

Expected Appreciation

Depreciation Analysis

Adjusted Cost Basis

Capital Gains Tax On Sale and more

Why Sell Your Property at Auction?

Yes, your property will be placed on the MLS and advertised on multiple online platforms with the appropriate terms and disclosures. Our agents will handle all of those details for you.
Absolutely, but the key to success is good marketing. Our system is the tool to display your listing professionally and accept offers (bids) online. We incorporate your auction listing as the focal point of all our offline and online marketing. We handle all of that for our Sellers.
Time is money and real estate auction can typically be marketed, sold, and closed within 14-30 days.
Long term debt service, real estate taxes, insurance payments, maintenance and sometimes security costs are minimized with an expedited sale.
The auction process accurately demonstrates the true market value of the property to the sellers and potential buyers.
Our auction marketing saturates the local market while reaching far and wide during the 7-14 day marketing period.
Every current buyer in the marketplace will be very motivated to at least investigate the property being auctioned.

Is a Real Estate Auction Right For You?

Answer These Questions to Find Out:

The greatest benefit of any auction is how quickly assets can be liquidated. Real Estate auctions are typically market for 7-14 days prior to the auction and closing within 7-30 days after the auction.
Determining a listing price for a unique property is very difficult. With very few comparable sales to establish market value, many of these properties are overpriced and risk getting stale on the open market. True market value can be identified with an auction.
Some types of property are in high demand and will bring several interested buyers. An auction setting is the perfect venue to maximize results and get top dollar.
Inheriting real estate is an exciting, but painful process. The auction process allows heirs to liquidate the assets of an estate to be divided in a quick and efficient manner.
Equity within real estate is not available until it is liquidated and turned into cash. The auction method ensures the property is sold for the most amount of money in the shortest period of time so you can quickly divide assets.
Many properties have absentee ownership that incurs high management, maintenance, and operating fees. An auction allows the seller to liquidate their property so they can reallocate their investment as they please.

Auction Timeline

Reporting Throughout 30 Day Process

Due Diligence

  • - Review valuation
  • - Obtain pertinent property reports and disclosures
  • - Create due diligence document library
  • - Develop target buyer list (user/investor)
  • - Design collateral materials (brochures, OM, photos, 3-D tours, mailers, etc.)
3-5 Days


  • - Email blasts each week (brokers, registered users, purchased lists)
  • - MLS,, premium listing, banner ads, SEM
  • - PR: National release
  • - Yard Sign
  • - Direct Mail: mailings to similar building owners and business in radius
  • - Brokers: Market commissions to brokers
7-14 Days


  • - Bidder registration (pre-approval, proof of funds and auction deposit)
  • - All bids placed online in easy transparent format
  • - Bidder approval limit managed
  • - No shill bids (no reputation risk)
  • - Pre-Auction offers reviewed
2-5 Days


  • - Quick 30 days or less close
  • - No financing contingency
  • - Limited inspection contingencies if allowed
  • - Professionally managed with broker partner
  • - No seller fees for auction
  • - Use of local CAR contracts and disclosures
30 Days or Less

How To Start

To find out more information about our Sale by Auction Program and how our services can benefit you, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you. Alternatively, give us a call at 714-742-3700 for a faster response .