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Sell Your Property and Avoid Paying Capital Gains

23% of Real Estate Investors Want to Sell… But don’t want to do a 1031 Exchange.

Besides doing a 1031 Exchange, there are 5 Different Ways to Sell Your Apartment Building and Avoid Paying Capital Gains.
Identify a desired solution if you want to sell without paying capital gains tax

Summary of the Solutions

I help sellers of highly-appreciated assets sell their assets without paying capital gains tax at the time of the sale. Initially, my role is to educate sellers on the various strategies available.

Sell and Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax: CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST -

Charitable Remainder Trust

Convert an appreciated asset into lifetime income.

Reduce your current income taxes with charitable income tax deduction.

Pay no capital gains tax when the asset is sold.

Reduce or eliminate your estate taxes.

Gain protection from creditors for gifted asset.

Benefit one or more charities.

Receive more income over your lifetime than if you had sold the asset yourself.

Leave more to your children or others by using life insurance trust to replace the gifted asset.

Sell and Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax: Delaware Statutory Trust -

Delaware Statutory Trust

A Delaware statutory trust (DST) is a legally recognized trust that is set up for the purpose of business. DST’s have become popular as 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange properties.

A step-by-step process that replaces the unidentified property in your exchange with the assurance that your upleg investment will directly improve your investment position.

Have an opportunity to diversify your investments and limit your exposure by investing in a professionally managed, multi-owner property in a strong and growing market.

Remove yourself from the day to day management of real estate.

You can potentially double your cash flow by putting your passive equity to work.

Monthly distributions conveniently deposited directly into your bank account.

Estimated annualized distributions ranging from 5-8%.

Multiple asset types (multifamily, triple net, etc.) and locations are available.

High quality “Institutional” properties located in carefully researched markets.

Sell and Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax: Opportunity Zones -

Opportunity Zones

Reduce taxable gains and possibly obtain tax-free growth if they re-invest capital gains into real estate within designated OZ.

Only the gain amount needs to be re-invested, not the entire sales proceeds (like a 1031 exchange).

If you hold the OZ investment for 5 years, you qualify for an increased basis of 10% on the deferred gain.

If you hold the OZ investment for 7 years, you get an additional 5%-increased basis on the deferred gain. This means you only pay tax on 85% of the gain, which you have not paid for 7 years! Therefore, you get to decrease the taxable gain amount AND defer the tax bill to boot.

It gets better!! The biggest benefit is that if you hold the OZ investment for 10 years, you never pay any capital gains on the OZ investment!

Sell and Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax: Monetized Installment Sale -

Monetized Installment Sale

Special type of installment sale whereby a seller of appreciated assets attempts to defer U.S. Federal income tax liability over a period of years while currently receiving cash or other liquid assets via a monetization transaction, such as a loan.

Used by public companies

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Sell and Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax: Asset Backed Installment Sale -

Asset Backed Installment Sale

We’ve done 2 years of tax and accounting research and selling banks on the idea.

Follows IRS Code 453 and Spirit of the Law.

Legitimate third party lender and true segregation of funds. Not a Deferred Sales Trust or Monetized Installment Sale. These firms do not use a third party lender and the funds are not segregated (Audit and Capital Risk Sellers)

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How To Start

I can advise you based on your individual circumstances and help deploy the strategy that best fits your situation. Simply fill out the form below to schedule a free complimentary consultation. Alternatively, give us a call at 714-742-3700 for a faster response.

"Once a strategy has been put in place, I list and sell the property according to standard real estate sales practices."


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