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Low Ball Offers

A low-ball offer is a term used to describe an offer on a house that is substantially...

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Should You Ask The Seller For A Credit?

Most purchase contracts include an inspection contingency. Sometimes...

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Analyzing Real Estate So You Can Make Money

So how does an investor assure himself that s/he is making the right decision...

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Pitfalls To Avoid When Selecting An Agent

Before stepping into a relationship with a commercial real estate firm, a person...

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Writing Offers With A Contingency

Do I have to consider contingencies? If you are a seller in a seller’s market...

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What You Should Know About Credit Scoring

The score looks at the following items: Past delinquencies, derogatory...

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Customer Service Ranks High in Prospective Clients Lists

Customer service complaints are all too common—even in housing. According to the latest...

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How to Protect Yourself In a Real Estate Transaction

It’s no wonder that buying or selling real estate ranks high on the list of the most...

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Real Estate Myths

Myth #1: It doesn't matter with which real estate agent you use to list your...

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