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Multifamily Professional Specializes In Brokering, Buying, Selling Apartment Buildings

From construction and property maintenance to buying and selling apartment buildings, real estate professional Mike Lembeck has built a successful career based on a foundation of hands on experience, hard work and exceptional customer service. For the past 32 years, Lembeck has either helped maintain apartment buildings, bought and sold fixer-uppers or brokered investment property.

In recognition of his expertise, Lembeck has earned some prestigious awards. One of his accolades are awarded to only the top 5 percent of sales associates who produce a minimum amount of sales volume or close on a minimum number of transactions each year. “I’ve always said it was better to be behind a desk than behind a hammer, but I did get in on the ground floor of this industry by maintaining and remodeling apartment buildings,” Lembeck said. “Then my brother and I bought our own apartment building fixer-uppers, and renovated and sold those.” For the past 32 years, Lembeck has been happy working behind a desk brokering multifamily investment properties throughout Southern California. “It helps in my business to have the outstanding name recognition of RE/MAX,” Lembeck said. Christos Catsouras, president of RE/MAX Property Connection in Mission Viejo said: “Mike continues to be one of our leading apartment agents. His high-impact marketing skills and large database of available properties have made Mike one of the most sought-after agents for apartment sales.” Since investment property is a unique niche in the real estate sales industry, Lembeck banks on his knowledge of the market; his ability to explain the complexities of cash flow, return on investment, lending criteria and other factors; and his commitment to a business-service conscience. For more information, call 714-742-3700.

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