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Reasons to Invest in Long Beach Apartment Market

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Reasons to Invest in Long Beach Apartment Market -

Just half an hour from Los Angeles, Long Beach is a beachfront gem you’ll want to add to your California itinerary. It offers beautiful beaches and marinas along with a busy dining and shopping scene that perfectly blends big city sophistication with beach town fun.

Tour the Queen Mary, the legendary, permanently docked ocean liner, or relax with a drink in the ship’s Observation Bar—for truly unique accommodations, you can even stay overnight in one of the ship’s staterooms or suites. Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific, Southern California’s largest aquarium and home to playful sea otters, Magellanic penguins, and a 350,000-gallon Tropical Reef Habitat, which holds thousands of colorful fish, coral, sea turtles, and sharks.

The Long Beach real estate market presents some quite attractive options to potential investors. Not only does Long Beach boast high demands for both residential and commercial units, it is about to have its multi-family home offer expanded so it can accommodate a wide range of investment opportunities.

Known for its lush green surfaces and abundance of leisure activities, Long Beach is considered to be the ideal spot for weekend getaways and family vacations by many domestic visitors. Thanks to a growing economy, based on hospitality, transportation, and retail sectors, the city boasts one of the fastest-growing household incomes in the US.

All this means that Long Beach real estate investors can benefit from high rents and high demand for rental properties as young professionals flock to the California city for job opportunities and to be close to the beach.

Investment Considerations for Long Beach Real Estate.

There are a number of factors to consider, including:
Strong job market – Thanks to its accessibility and warm climate, the city is a desirable location for both company headquarters and high-profile events. During 2018, the Grand Prix alone has brought the city a profit of $32 Million. As a result, there is a stable influx of renters and those interested in buying commercial properties.

Rising demand for long-term accommodation – All the people brought to the city by its thriving economy are in need of accommodation. The demand is currently higher than the supply, especially when it comes to single-family homes. This gives owners of rental properties a distinct advantage when it comes to pricing.

All-time low in vacancy rates – During 2016 and 2017, vacancy rates, in general, fell from 18.8% to only 14.8%. Industrial properties are in high demand, which has brought their occupancy rate to a whopping 99%. However, it seems that there will be a lot of development in the multi-family sector. According to CBRE, Long Beach has received a significant amount of private funding for that purpose. It remains to be seen how this will affect housing availability and prices. Popularity as a vacationing destination – Great weather, beautiful nature and plenty of leisure activities, make Long Beach the ideal destination for both solo and family vacations. With projects such as 2nd and PCH underway, the purpose of which is to make the city more aesthetically pleasing. For a real estate investor, this means a stable, if not rising demand for short-term rental units.

What are the Best Neighborhoods to Invest in Long Beach

With private development projects underway, it seems that the multi-family housing market in Long Beach is about to experience a boom. This will affect both the availability and prices of properties in the city, but it might just provide the perfect opportunity for real estate investment.

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Reasons To Invest

  • High Rental Demand
  • Growing Job Market
  • High Appreciation Rate
  • Popular Tourist Destination
  • Large Tenant Base

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