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Sell Your Property Fast: 90-Day Guaranteed Sale Program

Pages Guaranteed Sale Program

Before you even list with Mike Lembeck and RE/MAX Commercial - Apartment Sales Division, we prepare a comprehensive market analysis of your apartment building, and agree on a fair market value. This value will determine the list price of your apartment building, as well as the guaranteed sale price. You will receive this price up-front and in writing before we begin to market your property. Think of it as a risk-free insurance policy. Once you receive our written guarantee, you will have the security of knowing that your property is guaranteed to sell. In the unlikely event that your apartment building does not sell within the 90 day period, we will buy your apartment building ourselves for the upfront guaranteed sale price that we set together.

Guaranteed Sold or I'll Buy it! -


Our Guaranteed Sale Program begins with a full evaluation of your apartment building. We will analyze market conditions, comparable properties, cash flow analysis, current and market rents and neighborhood intangibles to determine the value of your apartment building in today’s market.


After agreeing on a suitable list price, our marketing machine kicks into high gear. We’ll create a listing for you with photographs, optional video walkthroughs, and state of the art virtual tours. Not only are our listings syndicated on thousands of websites, but our print advertising campaigns will maximize exposure of your listing. See our complete Marketing Program Here .


Once your listing goes live, it will instantly attract attention from interested buyers. Due to our aggressive marketing approach buyers and buyer’s agents are excited and motivated to present your properties information to their client. Pretty soon, the offers will start to roll in.


We are very successful at generating solid offers from qualified buyers that equal or exceed the listing price. However, our sellers always have the 90-Day Sale Guarantee as a potential back up plan.

Guaranteed Sold or I'll Buy it! Risk Free! -

Program Questions

Q: Does Mike actually buy my apartment building?

A: Yes. Mike will buy your apartment building, or he will offer it to one of his outside investors for the same Guaranteed Sale price that was agreed to.

Q: How does it work?

A: When you hire us with the Guaranteed Sale Program, you will know when and for how much we guarantee to buy your apartment building if it does not sell within the agreed upon time frame.

Q: How much am I likely to receive for my apartment building?

A: You will receive the maximum amount that the market will support at the time it sells…given the current market conditions based on our assessment of your property.

Q: Is there a catch?

A: No! It’s very simple… We will present you with the price and terms of the Guaranteed Sale Agreement before you ever have to sign a listing agreement. Your apartment building will be marketed for the most value possible, no matter what the guaranteed price is.

This guarantee provides you with an absolutely ‘no-lose’ situation. Think of our “Guaranteed Sale Program” as an insurance policy to hedge against the risk of your property listing not meeting your expectations. In addition, remember that if you do not hire us to sell your apartment building, you are still likely to have to hire another real estate firm. And it is highly unlikely that any other agent will be standing by-ready to purchase your property in the event it fails to sell –like we do. We put our money where our mouth is!

There is no commitment, nor obligation while you are investigating this process further.

Sell Your Property Using Our 90-Day Guaranteed Sale Program!

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